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Everyone plays the lottery. It’s the simplest and oldest form of trying out your luck hoping for the big wins.  And with lotteries being around since before 180 BC in one form or another, it’s easy to see why they’re still popular today.

Although we won’t bore you with a history lesson (except for a little lottery background further down the page), what you can expect to find on this website is actually relevant to someone like you.

Our aim is to provide detailed and highly researched information on international online lotteries that anyone in the world can use. Are you someone who lives in Europe, but would like to play an Australian Lottery? You’ll find that info here. Do you live in New Zeeland, but would just love to try your luck with an international lottery? This website will provide that information, along with tips on the best venues to buy lottery tickets online.

We live in a highly global world, where we want access to everything, everywhere, instantly. Why should lottery be any different? Although some lotteries do have restrictions on who can purchase tickets and play, most have understood this global availability and are catering to players from almost every country.

Here are our top lottery sites that are trusted, secure and accept players from pretty much every corner of the world (with some exceptions):

So what exactly is a “lottery”? 

In its simplest form, a lottery is a legalized form of gambling where prizes are given for correctly guessing the drawn numbers. Although banned by some governments, lotteries are legal in most countries, where national or state lotteries have been set up.

However, even where lotteries are legal, the sale of tickets to minors under a certain age (exact age differs for individual countries) is not allowed.

There are many types of lotteries, where for example the prize can be either a fixed amount of cash or certain goods. However, the most popular and readily available form of lottery works by selecting numbers on a lottery ticket. This, in turn, allows multiple winners to claim prizes if they all correctly select the numbers.


LOTTERY BACKGROUND: How it all started

It’s a well known fact that lotteries have been around for a very long time. The first records go all the way back to China’s Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC, where keno slips are believed to have been popular.

However, lottery ticket sales where the prizes were in the form of money have only been recorded from the 15th century, around modern day Netherlands and Belgium.


Throughout the ages, the main purpose of lotteries was to raise money for the government or to help the poor. It is believed that funds that helped build the Great Wall of China were at least partially raised through different lotteries held by the Chinese administration.   


Even during more recent times, lotteries in most countries across the world were started as a means to raise funds for either the building of hospitals, war expenses, helping out war veterans and so on.

In 1800’s Unites States, an early form of lotteries known as “policy playing” were taking place in underground establishments called Policy Shops. This was extremely popular with Italian and Cuban communities across the country. By the early 1900’s however, the game was closely linked to poor communities, where they could play for a nominal $0.01. Puerto Rico kicked off the first modern-day, government run US lottery in 1934.


What are my chances of winning the lottery? 

This is probably something that anyone who ever bought a lottery ticket asks themselves. The honest answer is that the odds are very low. This does depend a lot on the lottery played and how it’s set up, so some lotteries carry more chances of winning than others.

But people do win, and win big, so it’s not impossible.

There are certain strategies to follow, and learning about lottery can in some cases increase your chances of winning. For example, some numbers are historically more popular than others, having been drawn significantly more.

The thing that makes lotteries so attractive to people all over the world is the fact that they are very cheap to play. That small investment makes it worthwhile in the case you win big.

There will always be those that say, “Oh, I never win anything”. But then again, they never even try. So in order to increase your chances, you actually have to play. It’s like anything else really, the more you do something, the better chances you have of winning/getting better at it/getting a return on your investment.


Lottery scams & how to avoid them

Although lotteries are legal in most countries, they are still susceptible to fraud, and due diligence is needed.

One of the most well known forms of fraud comes from online lotteries where advance fees are requested before releasing the winnings. The way this works is you might receive an email or phone call saying you won a large sum of money or jackpot. In order to have the prize released to you, you need to make a payment as part of the terms and conditions or lottery rules.

For those that are not familiar with how lotteries work, this can be seen as a surprise strike of luck. However, once the payment is made, they will soon realize they will never receive the so-called prize and the scam will become evident.

So how do you ensure you won’t be scammed? 

Here are some tips on protecting yourself:

  • Be careful when giving away your identity online
  • Unless you actually bought and paid for a lottery ticket, always dismiss any claims of large winnings
  • Never make any upfront payments that claim to result in the release of winnings. These will never come and you’ll simply lose your money
  • Use your own judgment. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, chances are it usually is
  • And lastly, when buying lottery tickets online, ensure you make your purchase from a reputable and well known vendor. You can browse our list of trusted lottery websites who are known for their security measures and trustworthiness.


What are the biggest lottery jackpots ever won?

Everyone who plays the lottery dreams of becoming an overnight millionaire, and living a life full of luxury. Although for most people this is still a dream (never stop dreaming though), there are those whose fantasies came true when their lucky stars aligned and they won BIG.


Here are the top 10 biggest jackpot winners of all time:


$1.6 Billion Mega Millions USA 1 October 2018
$1.6 Billion Powerball USA 1 January 2016
$648 Million Mega Millions USA 2 December 2013
$590 Million Powerball USA 1 May 2013
$587.5 Million Powerball USA 2 November 2012


€190 Million EuroMillions UK 1 October 2014
€190 Million EuroMillions Portugal 1 August 2012
€185 Million EuroMillions UK 1 July 2011
€168 Million EuroMillions Belgium 1 October 2016
€90 Million EuroJackpot Czech Republic 1 May 2015

How are lottery winnings paid out? 

This depends on the lottery, but there are usually two ways of getting your prize money:


  • One time payment: The winnings are paid as a lump sum all at once. However, this will usually be a smaller amount than the advertised jackpot. Add to this taxes, and one can expect to receive 1/3 of their win in actual cash.
  • Annuity payment: These payments are usually made over a period of 20 – 30 years. The average payout per year is at around $25.000


In some countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Finland and Italy, all prizes are paid out immediately as a tax-free lump sum. Others offer both lump sum and annuity payments free of tax, so choosing a payment option is made easier and should not take into account taxes.     


Play the best online lotteries

We love lotteries, but we found that besides the operator websites where you can buy tickets, there aren’t that many sites that offer honest and unbiased reviews. We built this site as a hub where people interested in lottery can find all the information they need.

Our aim is to answer any and all questions you might have about:

  • Lotteries and how they work
  • Trusted vendors that actually pay you if you win
  • Tips and tricks
  • Lottery news
  • Anything and everything else lottery related

If you’re ready to start, head over to our lotteries pages, read our most recent lottery website reviews, or check out the latest news below.


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