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The dawn of IOL

I love lotteries. I really do. I’ve been playing them as a way to try my luck for a very long time. And of course I’ve been winning some and losing some.

What I realised at some point is that I’ve been playing locally, when I have the whole world at my feet. In the beginning I did some online research to see what’s available to someone like me, and I realised that hey, there are options to buy international lottery tickets online. I never even considered that as an option before. This meant I could buy tickets for the Powerball, Mega Millions, El Gordo, and many others.

The only drawback? Most of the websites are the actual operators, that act as concierge on my behalf. And I thought, how do I know which one of these sites is trustworthy and secure, and will actually pay me, if I win? So I tried them all. I signed up, bought tickets and played like anyone else would. This helped me see how each of these sites operates, and form my opinions on them.

Then of course I thought, if this information helped me, it will probably help other people as well. So I created this website, and his is how International Online Lottery was born.


My aim and goals

 The main purpose of this website is to serve as a hub for anyone interested in international lotteries. You can find honest and updated reviews of lottery sites, information on how they work, how-to’s on how to play the biggest lotteries and jackpots, and much, much more.  I’m also always open to suggestions if you would like to have a specific website reviewed, so let me know and I will gladly oblige.


What exactly makes IOL different?

Well, first of all there aren’t that many lottery review sites out there. I spent hours searching for legitimate, helpful and honest sites, and I literally only found a handful. But even then, they only had either site reviews, how-to’s, or links to purchase tickets. Never did I find a site fully dedicated to online lotteries.

So what makes this site different? You will be able to find all the information you need, when you need it, and based on that make an informed decision on your next lottery ticket purchase. From wherever you are in the world.


So what next?

Well, I’m glad to say that if you’re reading this right now, you were looking for information on online lotteries and found this site. Hopefully you will find the information on here useful, and it will help you start your lottery adventure.

In the meantime, you can read have a look at the available online lotteries, or read our honest reviews of the biggest and best lottery sites.

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