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Euro Millions Background and History

EuroMillions is undoubtedly the biggest lottery that spans the entire European continent. Although the idea was brought forward way back in 1994 by the French Française des Jeux (which literally translates to The French Games), it wasn’t until 10 years later in 2004 that this amazing lottery actually came to be on February 7. This joint venture saw France, Spain and the UK take part in the first ever draw on February the 13.

On October 8 of the same year, the lottery became truly transnational when the 6 remaining countries joined: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. This in turn raised the lottery’s profile as well as it’s prize pool substantially, making this one of the biggest lotteries in the world.

The lottery has had quite a number of changes throughout its short history.

In January 2006, it was decided to introduce a roll over cap. This changed only allowed the jackpot to roll over a maximum of eleven times. In the case that the jackpot wasn’t won on the 11th draw, the prize would be shared among the winners of the next winning tier.

A few years later, in November 2009, there were some additional changes implemented.

The main change was the jackpot cap, which meant that it can’t roll over to exceed €185 million. If the jackpot is still not won when reaching this limit, the roll over amount will be added to the prize of the next winning tier that has at least one main winner with 5 main numbers plus a Lucky Star.

Once the capped jackpot is won (€185 million), the cap grows by €5 million, making the next jackpot cap €190. If this new jackpot cap is again not won, the new roll over amounts will again be credited to the lower winning tier.

January 12, 2012 saw yet some more changes, when the jackpot cap was set permanently at €190 million, also requiring that the jackpot be won within two draws, If it wasn’t won, this will be distributed to the next winning level. This was changed again in September 2016, where 5 draws were needed for the jackpot to be won before distributing the prize to the lower level winners.


Event and Super Draws

Event draws and Super draws are distinct draws that guarantee a set jackpot amount of €100 million. The only difference between the two is that Event draw jackpot will be distributed to the next lever winners if not won, while the Super draw will roll over to the next draw.


Irish EuroMillions Plus

 Seeing how EuroMillions had such huge success, in 2007 the Irish National Lottery decided to include something extra. For an additional €1 per line, players have the chance to play an extra game each week, for a chance to win a prize of €500,000.


How to Play EuroMillions

 To enter your ticket and be able to win some really astounding prizes, all you need to do it select the 5 main number from a range of 1 to 50, and and the two different Lucky Stars numbers from between 0 – 12.

The lottery draws take place twice each week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:45. Although the draws take place in Paris, France, the results are available about an hour later on different lottery websites.

Seeing how this is one of the biggest and well-known lotteries in the world, there are various lottery websites that offer ticket purchasing services. If you would like to try your hand and see how lucky you are (you never know, you might become an overnight millionaire), you can always buy EuroMillions tickets online, from well respected sites and from the comfort of your own home.


Winning tiers for a single game

Tier 1 5 + 2 Lucky Stars (Jackpot) 1:139,838,160
Tier 2 5 + 1 Lucky Star 1:6,991,908
Tier 3 5 1:3,107,515
Tier 4 4 + 2 Lucky Stars 1:621,503
Tier 5 4 + 1 Lucky Star 1:31,175
Tier 6 4 1:13,811
Tier 7 3 + 2 Lucky Stars 1:14,125
Tier 8 3 + 1 Lucky Star 1:706
Tier 9 3 1:314
Tier 10 2 + 2 Lucky Stars 1:985
Tier 11 2 + 1 Lucky Star 1:49
Tier 12 2 1:22
Tier 13 1 + 2 Lucky Stars 1:188

Top 3 biggest Euro Millions jackpots

EuroMillions is truly a millionaire maker in every sense of the word. This lottery has made so many lucky people super rich, that it’s quite difficult to list all of them here.

However, there are the top three winners that deserve to be mentioned. The highest jackpots of €190 million were won on two different occasions, in August 2012 and October 2014. The single ticket wins came from the UK and Portugal respectively.

The third largest jackpot prize, of almost €188 million, was claimed in June 2013 by two extrmeley luck winners form Ireland and Belgium.

Many more people struck gold and won extremely attractive jackpots ranging between €52 million and €185 million, making this lottery a very attractive and well paying one indeed.

 Top 5 most common numbers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
50 19 44 23 4

 Top 5 least common numbers

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
46 41 33 32 47


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