How to choose the right lottery for you

Lotteries always have something to entice you to play and sit or pace around waiting for the draw to finish. Some lotteries offer bigger jackpots, others have better second-tier prizes, if they have them at all.

Most of the lotteries have a guaranteed minimal prize, meaning that whenever someone wins a jackpot, as much as next week, you will still have a large incentive to play, as the jackpot is always around, taunting you with its seven zeroes and giving you the opportunity to change your life.

But which of the many lotteries should you play? What makes one lottery better than another? Can you even play some lotteries, considering that you are probably not a resident of more than one or two countries at most?

The answer is that you can play many lotteries, albeit it would require you to play through an online medium. That should not worry you as they are perfectly safe and viable, with encrypted connections and added the security of knowing that your prizes are guaranteed.

So, the question still remains, which lottery is the best one for you?


Among the many famous lotteries, there are some local ones, which almost every country throughout the world has, some even more than one. But what about the huge jackpots? Everyone wants to play a rewarding lottery, where even the second and third tier prizes give you money. Certainly, those lotteries are worth playing and here are some of them:



The Powerball is one of two competing US lotteries which usually hold the biggest jackpots. Powerball broke the record for the biggest jackpot of 1.5 billion US dollars on January 3rd, 2016. But not only that, Powerball has a pretty big starting jackpot, at 40 million US dollars, guaranteed to rise at least 10 million every week someone doesn’t win a jackpot.

They do offer second-tier prizes if you fail to match all five balls and the power ball, and you can win any of those prizes depending on the number of balls you matched. This is enticing for every lottery player, especially because of the big starting jackpot, not to mention the consolation second-tier prizes.


Mega Millions

Mega Millions is the second US lottery that competes with Powerball on a regular basis. The two trade blows, both having bi-weekly draws, each holding their draws a day after the competition. Mega Millions has a starting jackpot of 15 million US dollars, growing each week by at least 5 million dollars should anyone not happen to win.

They also have a lot of second-tier prizes, so if you happen to win anything else, you will be nicely compensated for not matching all the numbers. Furthermore, their biggest jackpot was 656 million US dollars and was won on March 30th in 2012.


Euro Millions

A pan European draw which has a cap jackpot of 190 million euros and the grand prize is distributed among second-tier winners should nobody win the jackpot after 5 draws. That is great news for the second-tier winners, especially since you have greater odds of winning a prize at that level rather than the jackpot itself. All prizes are tax-free and paid out as a lump sum.



This Italian lottery has become very popular due to its jackpot not having a cap and never having a roll down. That is not all, but the prizes are not taxed and you even have the options of getting them as a lump sum payment and an annual payment.

The biggest jackpot won to a single ticket was 177 million euros, won by a syndicate in 2010 while the biggest jackpot won by a single person was 147 million euros. While the prizes can grow every week, this is the most difficult nation-wide when it comes to hitting the jackpot, due to you having to hit 8 numbers.


With so many lotteries, some bound to a certain country, some bound to many countries, you have a wide variety of draws to pick from. Where there is variety, there are many opportunities to win. With most of these lotteries being available online, only one question remains, which one will you choose?



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