How to Play International Lotteries from India

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Legality of International lotteries in India

Recently, we received an email from India : 

I live in Delhi and if I play international and win some money, will that be an offense? Can I bring that money to my account? And if i bring that money to india account how much will i have to pay? Akhil

We have carried out research in order to answer these questions as accurately as possible.

We have contacted two lawyers from India to get all the legal information in India about international lottery. According to Deepak Gandhi, a lawyer in New Delhi, playing international lotteries online from India is legal and safe. With all draws taking place outside of India, foreign lotteries such as PowerBall or Mega Millions are not subject to Indian gambling restrictions, allowing you to play from anywhere in the country.

How can I get my MegaMillions or PowerBall lottery ticket?

Local agents travel for you, keep the ticket, send you a scanned copy of your ticket, and the winnings will be entirely for you if you win. Click here for a example.

How do American websites lottery transfer my earnings to my bank account?

According to Deepak Gandhi, a lawyer in New Dreilhi, the best way to get your earnings from American lotteries is create a paypal account. Paypal is secure and you will be able to transfer your earnings  instantly from American lottery sites. Thereafter, it is possible to join your personal bank account in India to your paypal account for the transfer of money.

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Do I have to pay tax on my international lottery earnings in India?

According to Roshan Kumar Singh, a lawyer in India, if you transfer your lottery winnings from your paypal account to your personal account, there will be taxes to pay.

Total taxes payable on lottery winnings = The amount you earned and receive on your account x 35.535%. No deduction is allowed. In addition, no benefit can be taken.

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