Is Playing the Lottery a Key to Success?

We have all heard of the many lottery winners and have read about their endeavors and success. Some of them have been pretty well off to start with while others have had their lives change completely due to winning a lottery.

But does it make them successful? Does it really make them successful? Sometimes, winning a lottery can really change your life around and turn you into more than just a millionaire, it can turn you into a rather business oriented person with goals that are now not as difficult or as impossible as they might have seemed before winning.

Is that the key to success or is it just a way of spending your time and money? There isn’t really a simple answer but you can always look at it from different angles.


The Good

Playing the lotteries can really get you excited and can get you through the week, to enjoy a nice exciting night when the draws are on. Not only that, playing the lotteries can really get you some money back, or sometimes even a lot of money, should you win the jackpot.

A lot of people have turned their lives around by playing the lottery and even winning. You have excitement in your life, it makes you want to work more and do more. The millions are there, and some can get them by winning the lottery, some by getting the motivation to work and still to play, to enjoy their lives.

A lot of people start investing and become successful business people and get even more money and get the most out of their winnings. It is possible to become a successful person by playing the lotteries, one way or another.


The Bad

There are people, however, on the other side of the spectrum who cannot control their urges and bet on every lottery they can, try and play as much as they can and even get other people to buy tickets from other states/countries.

This can lead to a gambling problem, which can further deteriorate to be something quite dangerous. Gambling can lead to losing one’s job, or just devoting all the money earned towards just that, gambling. This can further lead to even more issues which include separations, sometimes even a fatal ending.


The Ugly

To continue referencing the popular movie, this one is not as bad as the one above but can still cause issues for people everywhere. What if you get complacent playing all the lotteries? You see all the winners and you see all their dreams coming true. You want to play your tickets and you want to win but luck is really not on your side, then what?

Some do not get motivated by such an event and turn to something else, to something completely different. They do not rush to become better and start their own business, no, they just keep going to work, watching draws, waiting for their lives to change, meanwhile missing out on what’s most important, joy in that one moment, and that is every moment. If your lives come down to waiting on the draws to be most likely disappointed, then you might want to rethink everything.


As with every question which cannot really be answered with a simple yes or no, this one also has many scenarios which can turn out to be very good or very bad or even somewhere in between. It all depends on your luck and on the kind of person you are. Some prefer playing and working, some just prefer playing and wishing for the best, while others are completely devoted to the idea of gambling.

But if you ever want to be successful, you have to try, you have to work for it, whether it is by manual labor or starting a business or even playing a lottery. All of those require effort and require you to get out and do something about it.

Winning a lottery might seem like an easy thing to do, but some people have devoted years to it and won almost nothing, while others, others get rich with just a couple of tickets. One thing is for certain, you have to work to get through it, and you have to play to win.

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