Popular Lotteries in Europe

Almost every country has its own lottery and playing them is always a good thing, especially if you want to win anything. All over the world you have some strange and some really simple lotteries, and Europe as a whole is no different.

In Europe, every country has its own lottery, some even have more than one lotteries while other countries have several of them. Europe as a whole is a fertile ground for lottery players, especially those who are in the European Union and can take part in the pan-European lotteries. There is really nothing like combined jackpots for that ultimate prize.

There are other grouped lotteries which do well to present you with huge prizes for a very small entry fee, in other words, the tickets are cheap but the prizes, extraordinary. Here are some of Europe’s most popular lotteries, right for the taking, or rather, playing:


Euro Millions

This is probably the first lottery that comes to mind to many people when they think of Europe and lotteries, and with a good reason, it is the one with the highest jackpots. The countries participating in the lottery are the UK, Spain, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

There are 12 prize tiers and all prizes are tax-free, including the jackpot, and are paid as a lump sum (Spain, Portugal and Switzerland do have taxes on the prizes).

Tourists and nonresidents are allowed to play the lottery, so that is always a bonus if you are on vacation.

Playing is simple, you need to select 5 numbers out of 50 possible ones and 2 from a set of 12, called the lucky stars. Draws are on every Tuesday and Friday.


Euro Jackpot

This is a similar lottery to Euro Millions, the difference being in the countries that participate and the chances of winning, as they are slightly higher here. You get to pick 5 numbers out of a possible 50 and another 2, but out of possible 10 numbers. That makes things easier.

There are 12 prize tiers and the countries participating are the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Poland.

The jackpot for this lottery is won much more frequently than the other pan European ones, mostly due to better odds of winning, so it never reaches the sizes such as that of Euro Millions.



This is one of the world’s most famous lotteries, due to it setting a standard for other lotteries to come. It is also one of the most difficult lotteries if you want to win a jackpot. Native to Italy and its residents, it requires you to pick 6 numbers out a possible 90 and a jolly number which only affects second-tier prizes, for those who have already matched 5 numbers.

Its highest jackpot was 177 million euros and was won by a syndicate from Milan. Winners can choose whether they want a lump sum payment or whether they want an annual payment. Other than that, the lottery is very attractive because there is no cap and the jackpots do not roll over, meaning that they grow every week. Draws take place 3 times a week.


Viking Lotto

The name itself should be suggestive of the lottery’s participating countries, namely the north of Europe. Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden are the participating countries. Draws are held every Wednesday.

You need to pick 6 main numbers out of a possible 48. During the draw, 2 extra numbers are drawn from the pool of 48. The goal is to match the 6 numbers, with the extra two helping decide prizes other than the jackpot.


In Europe, you can easily be a winner, no matter which country you visit, because chances are that they are a part of a pan European lottery or that they allow tourists to participate.

Winning is fun in Europe and some of its more popular lotteries can indeed help you to find yourself in a better life, if not a richer one, then definitely one with more fun, every day of the week, with multiple draws and many, many prizes.



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