How to Spot Scam Online Lottery Agents

Lotteries have been played since a very long time ago and are played even today. The information age has brought about changes as to how you can actually play the said lotteries. With that in mind, you have the ability to purchase your tickets or bet on an outcome of a lottery online. That works because you can purchase and enter lotteries which you would otherwise be unable to enter, due to not being a resident of a certain country.

But, where there are lotteries and tickets, there are also scams. Most people have already come in contact with phishing emails and the like, and just like those, lottery emails might start coming your way, especially if you are keen on searching for lotteries and are a frequent online player. Granted, spam filters are getting better by the day, but it does not hurt to know how to spot scam lottery agents. So with that thought, here are some tips on how to avoid getting scammed:


You have to play to win

This is a rather simple one, and it is almost self-explanatory, but you truly have to play to win. With that in mind, many lottery aficionados, well, all of them, know or have a note about purchasing a ticket, even online. If that is not so, then your email address will surely have a confirmation purchase, as will your credit card or PayPal account.

If you get an email about winning a lottery from an agent who you have not used to buy a ticket, then surely it must be a scam. Likewise, it is easy to check whether you have an account or whether you have actually made the purchase if you ever happen to be unsure about a lottery ticket whose draw you would have surely been following attentively.


Legal gambling is the best kind of gambling

You can be sure that all lottery agents, all real online lottery agents are sanctioned by a certain government and are under a gambling license. You can check that either using Google, your friendly neighborhood search engine, or by visiting the sites themselves and inquiring for a license if one is not displayed for the sake of transparency.

If a certain lottery site has no license and you have not purchased a ticket using their service, then you have absolutely been scammed.


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Give us money and we’ll give you more!

If you get an email where you are asked to pay money before you receive your prize, then you should definitely delete the said email if not keep it for the sake of reporting a scam. Lottery prizes do not come with price tags other than the price of your ticket. Sure, taxes might apply, but that is something entirely different which is done once you obtain your jackpot.

Anybody asking for your credentials and bank account or other sensitive data should be either ignored or reported and ignored.

Below is a typical SMS scam; always ignore these types of messages and never give out any personal information.



You only have 30 seconds to comply!

It usually isn’t such a short time period but you will probably be asked to pay a sufficient enough fee for either taxes, insurance or other costs of transferring you your jackpot money. Such a request will require you to pay them as soon as possible and that means in the next couple of hours or you risk missing on your prize.

That is not how legal online lottery agents work. Most of the smaller tier prizes are transferred directly to your online account with you receiving a notification about it, usually an email. If you happen to win a larger sum of money will most likely be contacted by a site’s representative and via phone call, to boot. That is why you should be wary of any email asking you to pay a price for a lottery you don’t remember entering at all.


It is easy in this modern age to get carried away and think that you have won something, especially with how much time we spend online, clicking on stuff, having no idea why. That way, you might think you have bought a lottery ticket and have become a rightful owner of a couple of millions.

Luckily, it is also as easy to check whether you have made any such purchases, as well as the credentials of a certain website claiming to be a mediator between you and the prize. Be smart, use search engines and think twice about clicking on random links with HUGE PRIZES and flashy JACKPOT banners in your inbox.


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