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Lotto Agent is a site dedicated to all the lotto lovers out there, modern, with a very favorable design. It easily stands out in a crowd of other lotto sites as you can just let your intuition guide you and you will be able to enjoy your lotto drawings in no time at all.

This site will bring you some of the most popular lotteries from all over the globe. It will not only give you access to so many great lotteries, but it will make it as smooth as it can be. With two or three clicks and you are ready for the excitement that is the drawing.


List of available lotteries

$3.29 1 in 258
$5.29 1 in 292
$4.69 1 in 622
$6.68 1 in 139
$6.21 1 in 59
$4.69 1 in 138
$2.99 1 in 42
$3.29 1 in 57
$7.93 1 in 13
$2.00 1 in 175
$2.38 1 in 76
$3.28 1 in 57
$1.99 1 in 13
$3.52 1 in 13
$3.57 1 in 50
$7.00 1 in 19
$7.80 1 in 45

Lotto Agent Introduction

Lotto Agent started out as an idea in 2010 and that idea took 2 years to become a realization. Based in Belize City, in Belize, they divided their founding into 3 steps:

  • The first step was to organize everything around getting the most popular European and US lotteries, jackpots and prizes, secondary or otherwise. As they evolved, the number of lotteries available to them, and in turn, to you, grew steadily.
  • The second step was to create a safe and easy to use system. Despite the system being one of the safest ones out there, its upper most layer that the customer has access to remains simple and such a dream to use.
  • The third step has to do with customer support. They work hard, all around the world, so that you can enjoy your games without any hassle.


All of these have lead to them being a very prominent lotto agency, providing you with access to MegaMillions, USA Powerball, SuperEnaLotto, EuroMillions, the UK Lotto, EuroJackpot, El Gordo, La Primitiva and over 15 more lotteries.

Since simplicity is one of the key features of this site, thus playing a lottery is also very simple. After registering an account, which can be accessed on the front page, you just need to pick a lottery. In 3 easy steps, you can complete your form and wait for the drawing to take place.

You need to pick the number of lines, your lucky numbers, and confirm your purchase. You have an added option of subscribing your entries for the next drawings, so that you wouldn’t need to fill out the forms again. After settling your payment with one of the many payment options, you only need to wait for the drawings of your lotteries.


Lotto Agent Lotteries and Subscriptions

Once you purchase your ticket and the payment goes through, you will be notified by email that your transaction was completed, much as you would with any other online e store. In the case of this site, however, you are also provided with a scan of your ticket, for the added convenience of safety and the knowledge that a physical copy was purchased.

You should have in mind that you cannot purchase a ticket an hour or two before the drawing takes place.  To avoid any frustration, you should purchase your ticket at least 8 hours before the drawing starts; otherwise, you will have to wait for the next drawing for your ticket to be valid.

You are able to subscribe your entry for the next number of drawings, you specify how many. That is a very handy option, as you do not have to make entries for every single drawing to come. But what is more, you can make multiple entries of your favorite number combinations and subscribe them too. After filling out as many entries you like, you will only need to wait for the drawings and the results.


The Lotto Agent website


It was already stated that browsing on this site is a breeze, but not exactly why. There are many reasons that make the Lotto Agent site stand out. The navigation and responsiveness of the site are the first to shine. There is nothing more frustrating than a site that is difficult to navigate and for which you not only need a map, but an hour and a half video tutorial on how to use. Nobody wants or likes that so that is why Lotto Agent has a very simple and straightforward interface.

As many modern sites do, this one also has a menu bar at the top of the page, with the essential buttons. The log in and register are everyone’s favorite, but since this is a lotto site, you also get the Play Online feature and the Results. This is essential for every lotto aficionado. The menu bar also has the About Us button, as is customary, as well as the Support and Blog section.

While the desktop site is very easy to use, the mobile version is even more likable, if that is possible. Accessing your favorite lotto’s drawings and results was never as easy as with the mobile version of Lotto Agent.


Lotto Agent Markets and Languages

Lotto Agent operates in various countries, given the fact that you have access to various lotteries. They operate in Germany, the UK, the US, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Australia. With that in mind, you get access to their lotteries, among the very popular Powerball and EuroMillions, you also get access to MegaSena, France Loto, Lotto 6 aus 49, Powerball Australia and many more.

With that in mind, the site has no restrictions for its entrants regarding the country of origin. Everyone is free to enter as they please. Furthermore, the site operates in the following languages, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.


Lotto Agent Currencies

If you want to deposit money into your account, you should know that the site operates with various currencies, depending on the method you wish to use for depositing money. Visa and MasterCard options offer the most currencies, those being US dollars, AUS dollars, UK pounds, Euros and rubles.While depositing money is an option, you do not have to deposit any money to your player

While depositing money is an option, you do not have to deposit any money to your player account, since you only need to pay for the entries and tickets. The currencies are not as numerous as one might like, conversion is always an option, and it is implemented automatically into the system.


Lotto Agent Deposit and withdrawal methods

Depositing money into your account is a very process and all it requires you to do is to enter your data, as you would with many other e stores and payment services. You have many methods of depositing money, from Visa and MasterCard to many other online services. Adding money to your account is done via the ‘Add funds’ section on your profile.


Available deposit methods

In case of withdrawing money the process is completely similar, except you would have to visit another section, called ‘Withdrawals’. While adding money is not a process with a limit, withdrawing has one, both an upper and a lower limit. For all options besides the bank wire transfer, your minimal sum is 10$ US and your upper limit is 3000-4000$ US, depending on the service provider. The bank wire transfer option has a minimal sum of 1000$ US and a maximum of 100.000$ US.


Available withdrawal methods

Winning the lottery at Lotto Agent

But what about huge prizes? What if you win a large sum of money, something over 100.000$? What about the jackpot? In case of winning a prize, however small, you will get an email notification, and in the case of larger prizes, will be called.

If you happen to win any prize greater than 100.000$ US, you will be contacted by the site’s staff. Not only that, but they will provide you with financial guidance and the best solution for claiming your prize.

In the case of smaller prizes, you will have the option to withdraw money directly from your player account, as all prizes below 100.000$ US are sent directly to your account as soon as they are processed.


Lotto Agent Bonuses and promotions

If you have other friends who are fans of lotto games, then you can invite them to join with a referral link. After joining and making their first purchase, your friend will actually be helping you, as you will earn 5$ US for every friend that made their first purchase on their new account.

Some other promotions include:

  1. Buy 1 get 1 Free – for all new registering customers.
  2. 18% discount if you pick the maximum number of lines on the lottery ticket.
  3. Various additional discounts for loyal customer. Then VIP-codes are being sent via email.


Lotto Agent Customer Support

In case of any and all issues, the site’s ever so friendly customer service is available to you at a click of a button. You have the choice of contacting them via email, live chat or even via a phone call. If you very well versed in English, then Spanish, Portuguese and Russian all remain as an option for you, both for chatting and phone calls.


Lotto Agent Verdict

As far as playing lotteries go, Lotto Agent is the place to visit. They will have everything you need, especially if you have a liking for the very popular lotteries from Europe and the USA, including some Australian ones, too.

Their site is incredibly easy to use, their mobile version even more so, with multiple language support. They have a very safe and secure method for financial transactions and their customer service is at the top of the game. If you like lotteries then this site will definitely not disappoint you.


Our top lottery picks form Lotto Agent

$3.29 1 in 258
$4.69 1 in 622
$6.68 1 in 139
$6.21 1 in 59
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