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If you want to live like a king, then you should enter your favorite lottery at a site that looks like it was made for a king and ironically enough, is named LottoKings. As far as lottery sites are concerned, this one has everything you need, starting from the world’s most popular lotteries, to a friendly system that you as a player can only appreciate. Furthermore, they offer security and a customer service that you could only wish for.

Join the world of Mega Millions and the Powerball as well as Euro Millions and the SuperEnaLotto and test your luck. You could be a winner, just by visiting the site.


List of available lotteries

€2.50 1 in 258
€3.50 1 in 292
€3.50 1 in 622
€2.50 1 in 42
€3.00 1 in 139
€6.50 1 in 59
€1.95 1 in 76
€2.95 1 in 45
€2.00 1 in 50
€7.00 1 in 57
€6.00 1 in 10
€2.50 1 in 13
€7.00 1 in 45
€2.50 1 in 29
€5.50 1 in 72
€6.00 1 in 9
€2.50 1 in 175
€5.00 1 in 12
€6.00 1 in 19
€2.50 1 in 22,958
€4.00 1 in 13

LottoKings Introduction

Not so long ago, to be specific, in 2010, LottoKings became a reality, a site that serves as a medium between lotteries and people wanting to test their luck. The company is completely owned by Triangulum N.V. who are based in Curaçao. Their processing team is in Malta. While they are an agency which provides their customers with lottery tickets, they are in no way associated with the actual lottery organizers or their software. They operate under the following license number 8048/JAZ2016-007.

It takes a legitimate business to serve a lot of customers from over 140 different countries throughout the world. It doesn’t only take a legitimate business, though, but one that can offer you something. Something that you really want. In this case, lotteries and lots of them. If you are into the mega popular MegaMillions and the USA Powerball, or the Euro Millions or the UK Thunderball, then you definitely have what to play. Take note, these are only a couple of the lotteries offered on the website.

True lovers of lotteries will instantly recognize the familiar form with numbers on it. Playing a lottery on this site is as simple as clicking on your favorite lottery and being redirected to a page with forms for that specific lottery.  You can choose as many entries as you want, with as many combinations as you want. You can also choose whether you want those combinations to be entered into more than one draw, which can be repeated for as many times as you like. With the subscription option, your favorite combinations will be renewed after the specified number of draws.


LottoKings Lotteries and subscriptions

This site functions as a service provider, meaning that whatever you buy, you get. Messengers from various countries in the world will purchase tickets for you, and you will immediately be provided with a scan of your ticket, that same scan will be sent to your email address. The tickets themselves are kept in a safe deposit box, for your safety.

With subscriptions, you can select your favorite combinations of numbers and have them renew automatically after a selected number of draws, that being anything from 1 to 50.

Should you prefer playing in a syndicate than playing alone, you also have that option. You only need to click it and you will have access to everyone’s previous tickets, meaning lots and lots of statistics. More tickets and information can lead you to make more profitable choices regarding your numbers.


The LottoKings Website


Anyone and everyone who wanders in on a website, regardless of going there intentionally or simply clicking a persistent pop up advert, wants to have a good experience. Even if the site turns out to be something you are not into, you enjoy seeing a well-designed home page.


LottoKings has everything you need in terms of browsing, and more. To start off, their home page is excellent. The most essential information you need to find is right at your fingertips, like the customer service, the about us section and the much-craved register and log in buttons.


They can be found right at the top of the page, above the menu bar, since those are some of the most important features and the most common ones you are going to use, besides the lotteries.

The lotteries themselves are also one click away, that is, in the bar below the said buttons. You can easily select one of them, or more, or immediately opt for a syndicate option should that appeal more to you. Other than having a very fast response times, the site continues to surprise with a more than welcoming mobile version. Playing lotteries from the mobile phone has never been so easy as it is with LottoKings.


LottoKings Markets and Languagues

Given the site’s access to different lotteries, you would only expect the site to have language support for different countries, too. You would be right, of course, as you can change the site’s language to any of the following: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish. Those, including English, make for a variety of languages, that will make most customers well welcome and cozy.

The site has no restrictions for its users regarding their country of origin. Wherever in the world you live, you will be able to play lotteries from the following countries: Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Ireland.


LottoKings Currencies

The site will have all of your payments displayed in US dollars. Whatever you purchase on the site, you will see the prices in US dollars, so naturally, depending on your payment method, your own money will be converted from your currency to US dollars, accordingly. The prizes of the lotteries, however, are paid out in their respective currencies, that is, the currency of the country that operates the lottery. Regarding any larger prize and withdrawal, you will have direct assistance from the site’s friendly staff.


LottoKings Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

If you are in any need of depositing money, say you do not want to enter your credit card details every single time you want to make a purchase, for this or that lottery, you have the option to do say, and via many different service providers. Visa and MasterCard are the most popular ones, but you also have access to many of the popular online services, like Skrill.

Withdrawing money works the same way, especially with smaller prizes. You have a monthly limit of 10.000$ US which you can transfer from your player account, so be sure to take note of that should you win any larger prize.


Payment Methods available

Winning the lottery at lottokings

If your stars get into position and you somehow manage to win any of the larger prizes or even a jackpot, then it’s a completely different thing. You will be notified by email, sure, but you will also immediately be called, in other words, contacted by the site’s Winner Support team. They will provide you with any assistance you might need in collecting your prize.

For all the smaller prizes, the site collects them for you, where applicable, and transfers the funds directly to your own account. That way you are spared of any and all complications of collecting the money yourself. Sometimes, some lottery organizers insist on you picking up the prize personally, during which you will be contacted by the site’s Winner Support staff.


LottoKings Bonuses and Promotions

This site offers you the option to have a discount on some of the lotteries, namely, Powerball and Mega Millions with a code you can obtain while playing. Have in mind that these discounts are subject to change, as is the lottery that is discounted.


LottoKings Customer Support

You have a problem? Good, it will be solved in no time. That is the feeling that you get if you ever run into an issue on LottoKings. Their support staff is great and want you to feel as comfortable as you possibly can, given the circumstances. You have the option of contacting them via phone, chat or email, depending on the direness of your situation or your patience.

If you get into any trouble, you can contact them in any of the languages the site supports, namely, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and English.


LottoKings Verdict

Should you wish to experience lotteries as you are meant to, to play as a king and win as a king, then LottoKings is the right site for you. You have access to some of the world’s most popular lotteries, from Mega Millions to Euro Millions and Mega Sena, SuperEnaLotto and the like.

Add to that support in multiple languages, not to mention the addition of a very friendly and helpful customer service, with an even better site and you have the perfect lottery experience. Play to win, win a like a king.


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