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How does LottoSend stack up against the other lottery websites out there? Is it a scam or is it a reliable and honest way to buy international lottery tickets?

LottoSend is one of the more well-known lottery agents out there, and for good reason. They pride themselves on offering an outstanding customer experience, where ease of use and fun are at the forefront of what they do.


LottoSend Introduction

LottoSend is an online lottery ticket agent, with offices around the world. The website is operated by EU Logistik Transport, and their main sales and customer support offices are based in Drienov, Slovakia.

The website itself underwent major changes recently, and we have to say that we are quite impressed. They make it a point to show visitors that in 4 short steps, they stand the chance of becoming the next big winner.

In order to be in the run to be the next jackpot winner, all you need to do is open an account and choose your lucky lottery and lucky numbers. Once that’s done, real, official tickets are purchased by LottoSend agents and the tickets are scanned and added to your account. If you are a winner, the winnings as immediately credited to your account.


Lotteries, subscriptions, and group plays

LottoSend offers a total of 12 lotteries, from the biggest in the world (full list below). Along with individual lottery tickets, players can also purchase subscriptions and take part in group games.

For the lottery aficionado, this is a great opportunity to play more, while paying less. LottoSend offers multiple discounts and offers throughout the year, making lottery that much more worthwhile.


List of available lotteries

€3.50 1 in 258
€4.00 1 in 292
€2.60 1 in 622
€2.56 1 in 42
€6.00 1 in 139
€4.80 1 in 59
€1.80 1 in 76
€2.50 1 in 45
€1.15 1 in 8
€1.15 1 in 85
€4.00 1 in 10
€1.37 1 in 85

A great, customer friendly website

 The LottoSend website was revamped recently, and they have done everything to ensure that the visitors have the best possible experience. Everything is well thought-out, from the navigation menu to the sign in/sign up area and the lotteries themselves.

The website is very clean, and there is no distracting clutter anywhere. The home page displays the biggest lotteries, with an option to view all available lotteries, as well as the latest lottery results and latest winners.

Their FAQ section is one of the most comprehensive in this industry. As a lot of visitors naturally have questions about how the site works, they do their best to answer each and every question, and sometimes going into details one wouldn’t even think of. This in itself shows great transparency and gives the site a few extra points on top of everything else.


LottoSend mobile experience

Although no mobile apps are available, the website itself is fully responsive and offers an incredible journey on mobile. Everything is easy to find, and purchasing tickets is done in just a couple of clicks.

You can easily add your tickets purchases to the cart, just like any other online store, and the cart displays the numbers of items currently selected.

The fact that they act like a normal e-commerce site when it comes to the customer experience side of purchasing is a nice touch. Everyone bought something online at least once, and the instantly recognizable cart will make it easier for visitors to complete their ticket purchase.


Markets, Languages and Restrictions

To play the lottery on LottoSend, players need to be at least 18 years of age, although it is advised to read their terms and conditions to make sure compliance and avoid issues in the future.

We could not find any country restrictions on their T&Cs, so we assume players anywhere can play and purchase lottery tickets with LottoSend. However, do check if you are a US resident, as this country usually has some sort of limitations.

The LottoSend website is currently offered in 10 languages (Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish, Romanian, French and Bulgarian), with more languages are added from time to time to cater to a wider audience.


Currencies offered by LottoSend

When it comes to currencies offered, the website presents its prices in either USD, EUR or GBP, depending on the player’s location. However, players can purchase tickets in their own local currency, making this a very attractive and easy option of buying lottery tickets.

The website takes every precaution to prevent fraud and misuse, and also to protect players from developing a gambling problem.

Although there is no spending limit per se, LottoSend does monitor spend and takes action if they notice unusual activity.


Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

LottoSend offers a wide variety of payment methods that allow you to easily fund your account. Besides accepting all major credit card, various electronic and eWallet options are available, as well as bank transfer.

Deposit Methods:

Bank Transfer deposits have a few extra things to consider: Players will need to make a minimum deposit (bank transfer) of £80 / €90 / $100, and notify the customer support team by providing the account name, reference number and amount transferred. Once the deposit has been successfully completed, the player will be notified by email.

Instant processing No fees USD / EUR / GBP
Instant processing No fees USD / EUR / GBP
Instant processing No fees USD / EUR / GBP
Instant processing No fees USD / EUR / GBP
Instant processing No fees USD / EUR / GBP
Instant processing No fees USD / EUR / GBP
Instant processing No fees USD / EUR / GBP
3 – 5 business days No fees USD / EUR / GBP
Instant processing No fees USD / EUR / GBP

Withdrawal Options

Currently, it seems the only available withdrawal method is by bank transfer. We will keep this page updated if further withdrawal methods will be added in the future.

3 -5 business days Differs $50,000 Differs USD / EUR / GBP

Winning the lottery – what now?

 When a player wins one of the lotteries, they are immediately notified by email and their winnings will be available in their account ready for withdrawal. So no one will need to go anywhere to pick up their prizes.

This only applies to secondary prizes. If a player is the lucky winner of a jackpot prize, they will be contacted by email as well as by phone by the LottoSend customer support to inform them of their incredible win. In this case, the player needs to go in person to collect their lucky ticket from the local office manager. Once they have the winning ticket, they will need to personally collect the prize from the lottery organization that helped them win the jackpot.


Bonuses and promotions

Various promotions and bonuses are being offered by LottoSend, making playing with them that much more enticing. Welcome bonuses, free tickets, cashbacks and discounts are among the attractive promotions available.

They even get social and offer some of their welcome bonuses on Facebook (at the time of writing).


Customer Support

 As mentioned before, LottoSend definitely puts the player first, and this shows in their customer support as well.

Their support team is available Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 4pm GMT. They can be reached by using the online contact form, chat or by calling the provided numbers:

  • International:              +1 201 685 8089
  • United Kingdom:        +44 203 026 0220
  • Russia:                          +7 499 609 2799
  • Australia:                      +61 288 805 606

Although the FAQ section should cover most questions you have, if you need to get in touch, this is as easy as it can get.


Should you play the lottery at LottoSend?

Finding a good lottery agent is difficult. You never know whether a website is a scam or not until it’s too late. There are the exceptions though and LottoSend is one of the exceptions. Players can see that every detail was thought of, and every and click on the website was made with the player in mind.

Adding to that the great customer support, multiple languages and deposit methods and the big lotteries they offer, it’s clear that LottoSend has found the winning lotto recipe.


Ready to start? Here are our top lottery picks from LottoSend:

€2.26 1 in 258
€4.72 1 in 292
€2.60 1 in 622
€6.00 1 in 139
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