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PlayHugeLottos – The Huge Site with Huge Lotteries

What is more enticing about a site than the fact you can actually win something? With PlayHugeLottos, that is exactly the point and win you can, a lot of money. The name itself should be suggestive of what you can expect to find on it, but then again, suggestive and reality are not always related.

In this case, however, they quite are and besides, the sheer number of lotteries you can play is huge. Add to that tech support that is available to you most of the time and a very simple, cart-oriented purchasing system, and everything starts to have that homey feeling you are used to.


PlayHugeLottos Available Lotteries

€4.00 1 in 258
€4.80 1 in 292
€3.00 1 in 622
€3.00 1 in 622
€4.50 1 in 139
€3.00 1 in 50
€4.50 1 in 59
€4.80 1 in 45
€2.50 1 in 13
€3.50 1 in 57
€3.50 1 in 10
€1.50 1 in 76
€4.50 1 in 19
€42.30 1 in 45

PlayHugeLottos Introduction

PlayHugeLottos is a company that was founded a long time ago, and was the first of its kind to hit the internet way back in 1998, where only a select few had access to it. The site, at the time, was called and its main purpose was to assist people from abroad to play the UK Lottery, the biggest European lottery at the time.

For a site to be online more than 18 years is a miracle nowadays, and this one has not only survived, but triumphed, evolving into a site that will definitely be appealing to most of lottery enthusiasts.


Communication with their team is smooth, as their mailing office is based in London, so that all mails can be dealt with efficiently. Their main management office, however, is in Curaçao in the former Netherlands Antilles. Their processing team is based in Cyprus.


Technicalities aside, what about the lotteries? Well, they offer at least 16 different lotteries, with you being able to play many of them, regardless of the language barrier. If you prefer English, Polish or German, you can stay on the PlayHugeLottos site, otherwise, any of the other offered languages and you have to move to one of their partner sites and can experience the excitement of lottery in Czech, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish and Russian.

The lotteries span across 4 continents and you can play any of them with a couple of simple buttons clicks, provided you already have an account registered, albeit even without an account, registering one does not take longer than 5 minutes.

Lotteries like the EURO MILLIONS and the USA Powerball are available to you with just a click of a button, a selection of your favorite numbers and the time span of their validity, the familiar ‘add to cart’ feature and checkout and you are good to go. For any prize greater than 200 UK pounds and you get a notification either via email or via mobile phone, depending on your preferred settings.


Lotteries, subscriptions and group play

With PlayHugeLottos, you get to purchase your tickets online, which are then bought by a site’s representative and locked into a safe. The tickets are kept there until the relevant draw, and you get an online receipt of your purchase. While you get actual lottery tickets, you also have the option of betting on the outcome of the lottery, sometimes getting the chance to win a jackpot that is bigger than the official lottery’s one.

Besides the 16 lotteries you can play, you are offered bundles of the most popular and most prominent lotteries, as well as some mini games such as Instant win and Scratchcards. While the site itself does not offer ticket scan, you are notified of any prize you won, receiving a phone call if the said prize is greater than 200 UK pounds. – the website


PlayHugeLottos is a site that takes after the modern approach to building a website, but stays true to the old days, where prompt navigation was an absolute priority. The site has a menu bar which stays at the top regardless of how far down you scroll, which has the essential options for any newcomer or returning visitor. You can log in or register via this bar, as well as check out the game options and extras, as well as the cart and language options.

Finding the lotteries is pretty simple, as you have a highlighted banner at the top of the page, with the most rewarding of the current lotteries, in other words, the one with the highest jackpot. Scrolling down, you have a list of all the other lotteries, as well as the option to play them, simply by clicking the green Play now button. As a frequent traveler, you will also have no issues browsing the site, as it has a mobile version. With a responsive home page, it presents no challenge to navigate the site’s pages, especially having in mind the user-friendly home page which enables you to directly contact customer service, should you be in need of them.


Wintrillions Markets and languages

If you want to play a lotto from Mexico or Argentina or Australia, you will have that as an option. You can contact their support in the following languages and they will be able to respond via telephone or fax: Romanian, French, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese and English. They also have offices in Argentina and Brazil. Apart from these, the site also supports the Russian language, as already stated. As far as the information we can get tells us, there are no prohibited countries on this site, so you can play from wherever in the world you are.


WinTrillions Currencies

The site offers transactions in the following currencies, UK pounds, US dollars and euros. You can deposit money in these currencies, or they will be transferred to them, while withdrawing has a lot to do with the lottery you have entered, and its country of origin. Regardless of the country you reside in or the bank you have your account in, you will be able to transfer money, deposit or withdraw, as you so desire.


Deposit and withdrawal methods at PlayHugeLottos

As the site is designed to give you the very best browsing experience, so they strive to give you the very best lottery experience, which also includes deposits and withdrawals. Nobody wants to lose hours or days filling in forms and waiting for banks and other officials to approve and transfer money.

This has been solved with a simple ‘cart’ system where you can purchase your tickets immediately, either via credit card (Visa, Mastercard), or via many other online payment services, from different countries, too.

In case of winning any prize larger than 200 UK pounds, you will be directly contacted via phone to be informed of it. Withdrawals are done via bank wire transfer or an EFT (electronic funds transfer), where applicable, depending on the country. As a last resort, the site can issue a cheque.


Payment Methods available

Winning the lottery at Playhugelottos

In case of winning a lottery or any larger financial prize, you would be contacted by a financial advisor to discuss the most efficient and safest method of transferring the money to your account. Winning the jackpot is the same as winning any larger prize, where you would be contacted by an advisor to assist you in the following transactions.

It is important to note that you cannot transfer your funds to a credit card but must do so to a bank account. You will also be asked to verify your identity upon any larger win, for your own security.


Playhugelottos promotions

The site has a ‘refer a friend’ option where you can give the link to the site to one of your friends and if they make an account and join the site, you will be granted 5 SuperEna MAX entries, which will then be added to your account.


Customer support

The support on this site is great, and they are available most of the time. You can either call them, message them via a live chat option or send them an email. Regardless, their response is swift, and you get the option of contacting them in all of the languages you have the site in. They resolve issues pretty fast and are friendly on top of that, which are all the things customer service should do right.



PlayHugeLottos is one of the best sites when it comes to international lotteries, as it is very user friendly and available in 10 languages. It offers entries into some of the most popular lotteries such as the USA Powerball, the EuroMillions lottery, the SuperEna and SuperEna MAX while remaining very simple to use and pretty straightforward. With a friendly and quick to respond customer service, this is a site you should do well to visit if you are a connoisseur of lotteries.


Top lotteries at

€4.00 1 in 258
€3.00 1 in 622
€4.50 1 in 139
€3.00 1 in 50
€4.50 1 in 59
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