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TheLotter is a lottery site which offers more than 50 different lotteries worldwide. If you want to play a variety of official lotteries and enjoy the safety of a site that has been working with customers and lotteries for the past 15 years, then TheLotter is the right one for you.

From MegaMillions to Mega-Sena to the Australian Powerball, all the powerhouse lotteries are there, including a lot of the domestic ones, like the Spanish El Gordo and La Primitiva or Italy’s SuperEnaLotto. You only have to make a choice from any of the currently 53 active lotteries on the site and enjoy the suspense of the draw.


List of available lotteries

€2.10 1 in 15
€6.80 1 in 13
€4.20 1 in 25
€2.50 1 in 21
€5.00 1 in 26
€2.50 1 in 8
€5.65 1 in 9
€2.35 1 in 2297
€1.55 1 in 78
€4.00 1 in 6
€2.15 1 in 55
€5.10 1 in 7
€2.85 1 in 13
€3.75 1 in 90
€2.00 1 in 27
€2.10 1 in 24
€4.20 1 in 7
€1.25 1 in 46
€1.25 1 in 50
€4.20 1 in 8
€2.30 1 in 182
€1.75 1 in 54
€5.00 1 in 29
€6.00 1 in 250
€1.20 1 in 85
€1.00 1 in 85
€1.00 1 in 75
€5.40 1 in 34
€4.30 1 in 42
€5.50 1 in 6
€2.00 1 in 42
€1.70 1 in 7
€2.10 1 in 130
€2.50 1 in 73
€1.85 1 in 1099
€1.50 1 in 8
€0.95 1 in 53
€0.95 1 in 18
€0.65 1 in 7
€1.80 1 in 854
€1.20 1 in 10
€0.40 1 in 34
€2.10 1 in 0
€2.10 1 in 0
€3.00 1 in 12
€2.50 1 in 10
€2.00 1 in 44
€2.75 1 in 54
€4.35 1 in 6

TheLotter Introduction

When you want to spend your money on something, even though that something might get you that money back in the end, even quadrupled, or even more, you want to feel secure and safe. At the same time, you want the best possible experience with the most lotteries you can have on one site.

That is where TheLotter shines, being one of the oldest sites in business, 15 years old, to be precise. Their legacy is the players which they have obtained during the years, as well as newcomers which are drawn to the jackpots and user-friendliness.

TheLotter is based in Belize City, Belize, and operates under license number 59448. Apart from serving as a mediator between many lotteries and many customers over the past 15 years, they have also paid more than 55 million US dollars to their customers, in prize money, of course.


Security is an important feature of purchasing tickets online, so that is why their connection is encrypted by a 128-bit SSL encryption. That only leaves you with playing the lotteries, and with over 50 different ones, you have quite a choice. From the US PowerBall to the Mega-Sena, EuroMillions and many more, you can choose as many as you want with a simple click of a button.

Selecting your numbers might take more than just clicking the one button, but it is definitely a thing most people love doing, besides watching the draws with suspense. You can choose 3 methods of playing the lotteries, Standard or solo play, Syndicate play or bundles, which combine the two for a great package.

You can then proceed to choose your numbers and combinations, and the rest should be fairly familiar, except for selecting the entry type. From a one-time entry to multiple subscriptions, you get to customize your own experience as much as you would like.


Lotteries, subscriptions and group play

This site, being as old and established as it is, it would be silly for them not to offer you an actual ticket purchase or ticket scan. Yes, the actual ticket is purchased, in your name by one of the site’s representatives and you are immediately provided with a ticket scan. The actual tickets are secured in a special location and are kept until the draws are finished.

With that in mind, you can subscribe your ticket to multiple lotteries or draws and enjoy the fact of not having to fill in your favorite combination every time you want to enter a new draw. You can always join a syndicate and team up with other people, sharing in the possibility of getting a jackpot, but also being obligated to share the prize.


The website

But what about the site? Surely the site does not look the same it did in 2002? Of course it does not. The site has been through many reiterations, the newest one satisfying both the new standards of security, but keeping with the traditional approach of being able to do everything with a couple of clicks.

Signing up and logging in is simple, as you will have the buttons ready for you at the top of the page. Communicating with customer service is also readily available, on all the pages, as you can find their buttons hovering on the right part of the pages.

When it comes to playing a certain lottery, you have a plethora of them on the home page, all graphically represented so that you can spot your favorite one as fast as possible. The menu bar at the top of the page also has a drop-down menu which has more of the lotteries, as well as a button that can take you to the entire list of available lotteries.


Markets and languages

If you have trouble reading or understanding the English language, you will have a variety of languages to choose from and make yourself feel just like at home. The language bar is right at the top of the page, to the right and offers the following languages: English, German, Russian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian and Dutch.

The site basically has no restrictions for any countries, worldwide. You will be able to play your favorite lotteries, no matter where you might be situated. Other than that, if your country allows online gambling then you will not have a single issue.

Since keeping with the times is essential for anyone, including well-known lottery sites, they have added a mobile version of the site, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. As the world becomes ever more mobile, so must the sites. This one brings you apps, for both the iOS and the Android systems.


Currencies offered on the website

Getting paid in different currencies each and every time can be annoying, and that is why you should not worry when browsing this site. You get paid in US dollars.

You have access to all the lotteries, therefore their information, especially regarding the jackpots. The lotteries themselves have their jackpots displayed in their respective countries’ currency.


Deposit / withdrawal methods

If you want to deposit money for any and all future payments, you can do so via any of the payment services such as Visa or MasterCard, with more options available to you. You can deposit as much as 5000 US dollars.

Withdrawing money is either done to a card or a bank account. With a card, depending on your card, you can transfer as much as 1000 or 2000 US dollars per day, while with a bank account, up to 50000 US dollars. In case of a larger prize, you would be contacted by customer service to determine the best way of transferring the money to you.

Deposit Methods

Withdrawal Methods


Winning the lottery

In case you win a prize, you will get a notification email and the money will be transferred to your account. In case of winning a larger prize or a jackpot, you will immediately be contacted by customer service, for both of you to determine the best way of transferring the money to you.

Smaller prizes can be withdrawn to your account or card with regards to the daily limits. Transferring smaller prizes is something that happens very quickly, usually a day or two, depending on your service provider. Bank transfers take a bit longer, also depending on your bank.


Bonuses and promotions

If you are a frequent player, by using their subscription method, you could get free tickets. That is not all, as you have the option of getting to play certain lotteries at a great discount. The lotteries on discount vary and change, so catch them when you can.

You can also Tell a Friend, meaning that once a friend you referred purchases their first ticket, you will get 10$ US and your friend would get 5$. Promotions are subject to change so once you visit their site you might be surprised after each visit.


Customer Support

Customer service is great on the site, with live chat being available 24/7, and in all the various languages you have access to. That is one of the things they offer, though, as you can also write a formal ticket, which essentially counts as an email and your response would arrive to your email inbox.

A phone call is also an option, as they have a toll-free call center in London. Their service is quick to resolve any issues that you might have.




If you have a craving for lotteries, all the different ones that you ever wanted but never got the chance to play, then TheLotter is the right place for you. The site is as friendly as it can get, with a mobile version and a distinct app for iOS and Android, you get an experience worthy of a site that has been in business for the past 15 years.

Prizes both small and large are all at a click of a button away on this site, as well as the assurance that all your money will be delivered straight to your account. TheLotter is the place for lottery travelers.

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