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Winning a lot of money is what most people into lotteries are interested in. And what better way to win a lot of money than with a site called WinTrillions. The name itself is very indicative of what you can expect to find, though the actual lottery jackpots are somewhat smaller prizes.

The site itself provides you with an easy access to the many of the world’s most popular lotteries. Other than having a great experience while browsing the site’s well-edited pages, you will have fun waiting for the results of your favorite lotteries. With the site supporting multiple languages, you have the luxury of browsing in one more familiar to you, all the while you are looking at your combinations of numbers.


List of available lotteries

€3.99 1 in 258
€9.97 1 in 292
€6.65 1 in 622
€3.08 1 in 42
€9.25 1 in 139
€6.20 1 in 59
€18.00 1 in 76
€2.75 1 in 45
€3.00 1 in 50
€6.75 1 in 57
€6.00 1 in 10
€5.80 1 in 13
€11.75 1 in 45
€3.00 1 in 29
€18.50 1 in 72
€8.90 1 in 9
€6.00 1 in 175
€74.00 1 in 12
€11.20 1 in 19
€6.00 1 in 22,958
€5.40 1 in 13

Win Trillions Introduction

WinTrillions is not a new site, having over 10 years of experience in the online lotto business. The site was founded in 2005, in Curaçao, in the former Netherlands Antilles. They are owned by Triangulum N.V. and have been serving customers in more than 119 different countries in the world. With a hefty number of lotto sites, this one edges them out by providing you with a very simple user interface, especially regarding the subscriptions and purchase of the tickets, that being your only expense. The site operates under the following license: 8048/JAZ2016-007.


Every lottery lover should be attracted to the world famous names of these lotteries, like the US Powerball and US Mega Millions. Moving across the pond, you get access to EuroJackpot and EuroMillions, as well as the SuperEnaLotto and the French Loto and German Lotto. If you like things spicy, you can always take part in La Primitiva or El Gordo, not to mention the Mega-Sena. However, if you’re more of a down under kind of person, you can go for the Australian Powerball or the Oz Lotto.


Playing any of these is simple. By clicking on the ‘Lotteries’ button at the top of the page, you can select any of them to be taken to their own respective page. Then comes the already familiar part where you fill out the numbers and select for how many draws and weeks you would like to be subscribed. Additional information on every lottery is provided, which is more than useful if you have plans on entering a lottery which is unfamiliar to you. Anything from the lottery’s history to their rules are at a click away from you, giving you the opportunity to get to know the competition you are about to enter.


WinTrillions Lotteries, syndicates and memberships

The best thing about purchasing an online lottery ticket is the safety that comes from knowing that you have purchased an actual ticket. While you may not be able to go to France and purchase a ticket for their national lotto, a messenger will be able to do so. After purchasing, you will get a copy of the ticket scan sent to your email. The actual tickets are kept in a safe deposit box, for the security of the customers themselves.

You can subscribe to multiple draws in one purchase and you can subscribe to multiple lotteries with the syndicate option. Syndicates are groups of lotteries joined together to provide their players with the biggest opportunity of winning a prize, however small or large it might be. You can find a variety of astonishing combinations in the syndicate section of the site.


The WinTrillions website


Speaking of the site, it is easy to get yourself stuck for hours on a site, especially when it is interesting. Sure, people might click link after link to read about funny stuff, but after you get a dose of a lottery site, and one as well-made as this one, you will find it difficult to move on to something else.

Navigating the site’s pages is a fairly easy thing to do, with everything being grouped as it should be. At the top of the page, you will find the essential pieces to navigating the site, as well as any lottery site, in other words, a login and register button as well as access to customer support and your cart.

Just below, the site has a menu bar with buttons that can take you to any lottery, syndicate, scratch card game, membership options and the results page, as well as the promotions.

Each lottery has its own page, as well as syndicate and raffle. Information on all of those is provided in a well-segmented order on each of their respective pages. Adding to the list of great things about this site is also a mobile version which will make every mobile user happy, as everything is sized accordingly, with all the necessary information at the touch of a screen.


WinTrillions Markets and languages

Given the access to different lotteries, this site operates in many countries, starting from the US, then to France, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, Australia and Canada. With this in mind, you can play any of the lotteries they offer for those countries, all the while not being restricted from playing regardless of your own country.

In case of feeling uncomfortable in reading the site’s important information in English, it is offered in more languages, namely Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, French, German, Chinese and Taiwanese. A user from any country should feel at home here, given the variety of languages included, the odds being quite high that the said user is well versed in any of them.


WinTrillions Currencies

The site has access to many online payment methods. You are able to make your purchase with many different online and credit card services, Visa and MasterCard among the prominent ones. All the transactions are issued to you in US dollars, so making a purchase using any of the methods will have your money converted to that currency.

This is not the same for withdrawals, which are given to you in the currency of the lottery. Withdrawals are then converted or not according to your own bank and the currency set as default on your account.


WinTrillions Deposit and withdrawal methods

If you wish to deposit money on your account by simply clicking the ‘Add funds’ button at the top of the page, right next to your own name. The funds are processed as US dollars and are converted from your own currency accordingly. You can deposit a lot of money, although making a transaction is easy and secure with 256 bit SSL encryption.

Withdrawing money is done from your account, your ‘Winnings’ tab, to be specific. While you are entitled to winning a lot of money, you have a monthly limit of 10.000$ US when making transactions from your player account.


Payment methods Available

Winning the lottery at WinTrillions

And what about winning, what happens if I win the lottery, or any prize? In that case, you will be notified via email. All prizes smaller than 600$ US are immediately transferred to the player’s account. If it happens and you win a larger sum of money or even a jackpot, you will be directly contacted by WinTrillions Winner Support to have a discussion about the steps to follow in claiming your prize. When possible, WinTrillions will claim the prize for you, but at other times, the lottery organizers themselves will require you personally to come and pick up the prize. In any of these scenarios, you will be contacted by their Winner Support team.


WinTrillions Bonuses and promotions

A site like this one has its promotions, from referral links to discount codes. You can find discount codes anywhere and everywhere, on the site itself after making a purchase, and with every purchase you gain VIP points. VIP points can be spent on more entries as each point has its own set value in US dollars.

The referral option gets you a free play in the USA Mega Millions lottery, as soon as your friend logs in with your referral link and plays one game. They have no limit on the number of free plays so referring as many people as you can is in your best interest, even more so if you like Mega Millions.


WinTrillions Customer Support

If you have any trouble, they will be very swift to help you. Their customer service is among the best ones and is available in all the site’s languages, meaning English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, French, German, Chinese and Taiwanese.

They are available via email, live chat or you can give them a call if your situation is that dire. They are very friendly and keen on helping their customers so even if you run into trouble of any sort, you will soon be out of it. Rest assured that you have nothing to fear.


WinTrillions Verdict

Anyone who has ever dreamed of entering a lottery should visit WinTrillions. Their site is so well-designed that any user, tech-savvy or not, will find their way around. An intuitive design will keep you focused on what matters the most, that is, the lotteries. They have many of the world’s most popular lotteries at your disposal, from the US Powerball to the SuperEnaLotto to the EuroMillions.

Their customer service is always friendly and at your disposal and they will be swift to help you should you be in need of help. You are provided with a ticket scan and 256 bit SSL encryption while making purchases so you are kept safe at all times. If you want to win, WinTrillions is the way to do it.


Our top lottery picks from WinTrillions

€3.99 1 in 258
€9.97 1 in 292
€6.65 1 in 622
€3.08 1 in 42
€9.25 1 in 139
€6.20 1 in 59
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